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DEAD TARGET Zombie 3.0.3

In 2040, the third world war that happened, country border changed, modern warfare progressed towards a new era after the defense minister signed a contract with CS Society to carry out Dead Target project: transform the Prisoners in super evil.
CS infected a city to prove they are serious. A special commando team was hired to collect information before the army could open Operation Apocalypse.
+ Delicious 3D graphics with detailed textures
+ Enjoy the realistic sound effect and music
+ Bring the crushing death of zombies who are on your heels.
+ The big boss look like a crazy terminator that hound you.
+ Some zombies can be extremely dangerous by the virus of patients who can attack in a wide range.
+ Zombies prevent the escape and dash of the track safely.
+ Delete zombies in a hospital for treatment research

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Supported Android
varies with device

Download:  DEAD TARGET Zombie 3.0.3 MOD (27 downloads)

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