Swiggy Food Order & Delivery 1.7.6 APK Free Download

Swiggy Food Order & Delivery 1.7.6 APK File

Publish Date: 2017 /1/4
Requires Android: Android 4.0.3+ (Ice Cream Sandwich, API: 15)
File Size: 6.1 MB
Tested on: Android 6.0 (Marshmallow, API: 23)
File Sha1: 83cb4c8f648817ff8844e60a44ed5d69808651dd
APK Signature: 1d55c1a861e5211af08b1c1b6dc3c989412a04a9


Craving food from that quaint restaurantaround home or do you just feel like ordering comfort food fromyour favourite restaurant? We’ve got your back covered. Swiggy isyour go to app for ordering food from your favourite restaurantsfrom around your city. With Swiggy, you can browse through thelatest menus from restaurants and discover a plethora ofrestaurants serving a variety of cuisines around your neighborhoodthat you could order, depending on those cravings. So if you are inthe mood for some Indian cuisine or that yummy, cheesy pasta fromthe best Italian restaurant in your area, Swiggy delivers it to youin lightning speed. Don’t bother about the minimum order size orthe minimum order value because Swiggy delivers even one item ormany without any minimum order value constraint.Through the livetracking feature you can constantly check the status of your orderon your phone and track it till it arrives at your doorstep.Go ahead and get those cravings for any cuisine satisfied usingSwiggy because food is always the first thing on our mind and thelast thing that you need to worry about.

10 Reasons why Food ordering on Swiggy is everybody’s piece ofcake!

– Swiggy is the most convenient way to order food from the bestrestaurants in your city be it big or small.
– The easy to use and simple interface of Swiggy is designed to letyou complete your order in less than a minute. Getting breakfast inthe morning rush is a breeze!
– Each order can be customized to your preferences just the way youlike it. For instance, a medium rare cook or milder spice.
– The easy payment options to choose from while completing yourorder on Swiggy make food ordering a breeze from an exhaustiverange of restaurants.
– The restaurants and the delivery experience in each neighborhoodare rated by users which you could use to make decide on therestaurant of your choice, let you have a different lunch everyday,and reliably too.
– The recommended feature on the app for every restaurant helps youchoose from the most ordered dishes making it easy to see what tochoose from on the menu.
– Have a dinner favourite? Each order is saved along with yourprofile allowing for faster ordering of favourites repeatedly,saving you time.
– The delivery staff carry out only one order at a time, ensuringeach delivery has no errors and is delivered fast to you ensuringcustomer delight through each order.
– Orders can be live tracked from the time the order has beenpicked up to the time of delivery, eliminating the need to call andfollow up on each order.
– There’s no minimum order value and cash on delivery is available,making ordering in easier than ever before, even if it is late atnight.


– Order from a huge variety of cuisines online based on yourlocation. Whether you fancy some biryani, a pizza or even a SouthIndian meal, Swiggy does it all.
– Can’t take sides when it comes to ordering food? Not a problem.The carefully picked, photographed, visually appealing menus thatare at your disposal makes it easy to pick between your favouritejuicy burger or that pasta, depending on what looks good at thetime.
– No minimum order values makes getting something as small as asingle slice of cake delivered now entirely possible. If it’s onthe menu, Swiggy will deliver it! It’s simpler than ever before toorder those one off desserts without having a meal to accompanyit!
– From Home delivered Punjabi parathas in Bangalore to crispy Dosasin Delhi to spicy Chinese in Chennai to flamboyant thalis inMumbai, Swiggy has it all. With more than 5000 restaurants to orderfrom, the Swiggy user will always be spoiled for choice.

We plan on making food delivery so simple and accessible thatyou’ll want to do away with your kitchens before you know it.

Swiggy now serves Bangalore | Gurgaon | Hyderabad | Delhi |Kolkata | Mumbai | Pune | Chennai

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